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Klou UK - Hydraulic Post Driver & Attachments

Klou UK Hydraulically Operated Attachments

Hydraulically Operated Attachments for Skid Steers, Front-Load Tractors, Excavators; Agricultural and Constriction Machinery - Contact us for more information.

CG Machinery Ltd

Post Drivers - KPD1 Vibrating Post Driver

Used from farming posts to bank stabilisation projects, this expertly engineered attachment will fit most front end loaders, Skid Steers and excavators without a problem. Using the carrier machines reach, the attachment enables a user to quickly erect sturdy fences, stabilise embankments and can be used on wooden, steel or even plastic support posts. 

This particular attachment has the minimum number of moving parts, meaning it is extremely reliable; able to work when you need it for as long as you need it. 

Spearheading the range that we aim to provide, we are excited to offer this product! 

Stump Grinder KSG1-EX, KSG2-EX

Easily and quickly attached to Skid Steers, Tractors, Excavators and more this high-performance Stump Grinder will make short work of even the most seemingly inaccessible tree stumps. Built with endurance in mind, and knowing that the task isn't a simple one, this robust attachment will stand up to the punishment and prove to be a reliable tool for any Agricultural or Construction work! 

Attaching simply to the carrier machine, you'll have an easy and intuitive time guiding the attachment to where it needs to go and let the powerful hydraulically driven blade do the rest of the work for you!  

CG Machinery Ltd
CG Machinery Ltd

Swing-Arm Stump Grinder - SG1SW

This high performance grinding head, mounted on a swing arm, allows the operator maximum visibility, with its offset arm, and high pressure hydraulic flow to remove stumps of all shapes and sizes. Robustly engineered, the self-sharpening tungsten carbide teeth offer longevity, whilst being easy to remove to reduce maintenance and down time. 

Cone Splitters - KCS500 & KCS800

Both robust, heavy duty Cone Splitters are ideal tools for logs and other large timber that won’t fit into a conventional Wood Chipper. Able to more safely and conveniently produce firewood from logs and reduce the size of fallen trees into something more manageable. 

CG Machinery Ltd
CG Machinery Ltd

Log Grabs - KLG2-M, KLG1-M, KLG-1MC 

Offering a selection of hydraulically driven Log Grabs these attachments offer a variety of machines the ability to haul larger logs easily and safely. Reducing the need to reduce larger items down to size and able to reach logs that otherwise would prove problematic; this time-saving equipment will help clear its investment in no time!